Das Projekt

Die Sommer-Floßtour war ein Projekt von Heinz Ratz und seiner Band ‚Strom und Wasser’: Fluchtschiff - Die große Sommer-Floßtour 2014 für und mit Flüchtlingsfrauen.

Women in Exile & Friends war mit Aktivistinnen mit oder ohne Fluchthintergrund dabei. Unser Aufruf: Flüchtlingsfrauen werden laut!

Informationen über die Arbeit von Women in Exile & Friend und über aktuelle flüchtlingspolitische Ereignisse aus feministischer Perspektive: http://women-in-exile.net/

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Women in Exile e.V.
Konto-Nr: 1152135400
BLZ: 430 609 67 (GLS Bank)
IBAN: DE21430609671152135400
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25/08: On the way to Brandenburg

magdeburgThe planning today was difficult because we are supposed to be in three cities at the same time in order to connect with all the daily events. We decided to stay another night in Magdeburg, the rafts will be getting to Brandenburg city very late and the concert is in Neurrupin. It is impossible for all of us to be at the concert tonight because we have only two mini buses. The priority of course goes to the women of our group who are singing with Heinz Ratz and his band.

The concert in Neuruppin was attended by many refugees and the atmosphere was very good. Some refugees sang in the concert and we are hoping some refugee women will join us in Potsdam so that we can travel together to Berlin.

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