Das Projekt

Die Sommer-Floßtour war ein Projekt von Heinz Ratz und seiner Band ‚Strom und Wasser’: Fluchtschiff - Die große Sommer-Floßtour 2014 für und mit Flüchtlingsfrauen.

Women in Exile & Friends war mit Aktivistinnen mit oder ohne Fluchthintergrund dabei. Unser Aufruf: Flüchtlingsfrauen werden laut!

Informationen über die Arbeit von Women in Exile & Friend und über aktuelle flüchtlingspolitische Ereignisse aus feministischer Perspektive: http://women-in-exile.net/

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Women in Exile e.V.
Konto-Nr: 1152135400
BLZ: 430 609 67 (GLS Bank)
IBAN: DE21430609671152135400
Spendenquittung für Einmalspenden bis 200 € hier.


A few words about Münster

On the 17th we arrived in Münster. The raft trip was short but very windy and cold. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was good and all women got louder as we approached the city.

The “Heim” we visited is occupied by Roma people from Kosovo. The area is having two apartment blocks and some of the residents have been living there for more than 10 years. Most of them did not want to be filmed or to give interviews. A woman who talked to us told us that she, her two children and her mother are living in a three-roomed apartment. Her father was living with them but died five years ago. Two fifteen year old girls told us their family were moved from another Lager and that they have transport problems going to the city and to school. We did not quite understand why most of the residents of this Lager did not want to communicate with us.

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