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Die Sommer-Floßtour war ein Projekt von Heinz Ratz und seiner Band ‚Strom und Wasser’: Fluchtschiff - Die große Sommer-Floßtour 2014 für und mit Flüchtlingsfrauen.

Women in Exile & Friends war mit Aktivistinnen mit oder ohne Fluchthintergrund dabei. Unser Aufruf: Flüchtlingsfrauen werden laut!

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Handing over our demands to the Ministry of the Interior

One day after we reached Berlin, we wanted to hand over a memorandum and our demands to the Federal Ministry of the Interior. This wasn’t such an easy task but, in the end, we succeeded:

On 28th August we got up early to finish our memorandum about the living conditions of refugee women in Germany [...]

25/08: On the way to Brandenburg

The planning today was difficult because we are supposed to be in three cities at the same time in order to connect with all the daily events. We decided to stay another night in Magdeburg, the rafts will be getting to Brandenburg city very late and the concert is in Neurrupin. It is impossible for [...]

22/08 – 24/08: From Braunschweig via Wolfsburg to Magdeburg

Braunschweig and Wolfsburg were two cities where we did not have any idea where we would spend the night but we started our daily routine as usual. It is amazing however how many nice people we are meeting on the way. In Braunschweig one of us contacted a group who were to have an information [...]

A few words about Münster

On the 17th we arrived in Münster. The raft trip was short but very windy and cold. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was good and all women got louder as we approached the city.

The “Heim” we visited is occupied by Roma people from Kosovo. The area is having two apartment blocks and some of the residents [...]

15/08: A visit to Bochum

The Lager in Wohlfahrtsstraße in Bochum consists partly of container blocks and partly of blocks of houses. These are all divided into small rooms. The small rooms in the container part are housing up to five people, for example grandparents, parents and children. When you enter one container, you are in a first small [...]

14/08 at the Pauluskirche in Dortmund

The most interesting thing about the Lager we visited in Dortmund (in Grevendiecksfeld) was that it is very far from the city centre, almost at the border to the city of Bochum, although next to other residential apartments, and that there is an enormous fence isolating the apartments where the refugees are living.

The concert [...]

12/08: Oberhausen

We had a nice welcome when we arrived in Oberhausen, with drummers and a pantomime and speeches by groups supporting our demands – and also one by the head of the city’s social affairs department. She said they want to help refugees find some rest in Oberhausen after what they have gone through; those [...]

Duisburg will erect a “tent city”!

On 11/08 we were in Duisburg and spoke to families living in a Lager near the place where the evening event took place (Friedenstraße). They mainly complained about the fact that they have no permission to work. But we got reports of another Lager which is in Masurenallee, 8km away from the city. To quote [...]

10/08: Lager visit in Düsseldorf

Here is a description of what we saw in the Lager we visited in Düsseldorf: Downstairs there were real kitchens, but upstairs there were empty rooms with nothing inside but 2 heating plates. Right next to the room was the bathroom, which wasn’t completely painted. We met a woman who shared a double [...]

03.08. – Karlsruhe

We visited the Lager in Kuthschenweg in Rheinstetten. They are many families living in the containers part of the Lager and each have a ventilator to cool their rooms. The rooms are very small, one woman living with her 5 years daughter and 6 years son in a small room. Apart from the three beds [...]